It's time to design your SMOKING GUITAR! Although most of our customers send us their Les Paul style guitars, we can convert most any guitar or bass (YES! we do bass guitars too!)  into a "smoker"! 


Here is how it works:

Send us your guitar and within 7-10 business days (plus shipping time) we will have it returned back to you ready for your next gig!  Its that simple! You are responsible for shipping costs. However you pack your guitar is how we will return it back to you in your box and packaging. So pack it tight! After completion we will send detailed instruction on how to use your new smoking guitar and where to buy supplies in the future to keep her smoking! We  OFFER A 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE ON OUR WORK! If for any reason your guitar needs repair to the smoke circuit or light circuit due to workmanship we will repair it free of charge to you (minus any shipping costs) for LIFE! This process is reversable so if you ever decide to remove the smoke system the guitar can be converted back to its original state.



Base Smoke Package:













Design Your Own Smoker




$229 Smoke package: Includes one smoke circuit and one light circuit with 35W halogen light. This is the base of the system before any options.

$45  35w Halogen Light.  Although the base smoke package comes with a light some of our customers have requested an additional light to really sell the illusion of the guitar being "on fire" on stage.  

$49 "Dummy" Pickup Cover. Made to look like a regular pickup but allows room for your smoker components in the neck pickup cavity. Color choices include double cream (pictured left), double black or black/ cream (zebra). This option is highly recommended to contain  the smoker components and allows for a "normal" pickup appearance on stage. This option is $25 if you send your own pickup.

$45 Additonal Smoke Circuit. The base smoke package gives you one smoke circuit. Depending on how large your venue is additonal smoke circuits give you the ability to make the smoke thicker and more dense.