"I just wanted to say thanks for doing my guitar.  It really looks great! .......everything works perfect!            Nick S.  New Orleans, LA.

"....originally I was concerned shipping you my guitar. I appreciate  the over the top communication throughout the entire process. Very professional  job and very easy to use. Thanks  so much Jeff!    Dr. Luke F   Hickory, NC

"Love the guitar mate!   I appreciate your help and communication ......superior packaging for travel down under."          Wallace B.   Melbourne, Australia

"Great work! Clean! Super Fast Turn around! "      Mark J.  Nashville, TN

" Guitar is Fantastic!  Looks great and the experience dealing with you was purely professional. I work in a field that requires an electronics background and your work and attention to detail is fantastic!"         Jeff D.  Pitt, PA

" Hi......guitar comes today!!! Sorry the words but what f#$&%n great guitar!  Thank you very much.                Uwe S.  Germany

"This thing kicks some serious %$# Brother! Love it bro! Love it!  I will be sending you my black Les Paul next month.     Dustin G.  Denver, CO.

"The guitar far exceeded my expectations. Friday night's show was amazing!  Thank you ! "     Paul M.  Miami, FL